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Leaders are not appointed… Leaders are grown.

Leadership Development Concepts, LLC is dedicated to improving lives through personal development. Our programs are designed to promote EMPOWERment centered paradigms within individuals. As the individual grows, relationships and teams are strengthened. Organizational objectives and goals are met more efficiently and effectively.  Our programs are custom designed to fit your organization’s particular needs.  We are committed to creating a more productive society, one person at a time.

Growing Leaders Using Empowerment – This powerful system is designed to assist you in recognizing and reaching your full potential, using the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. model. The E.M.P.O.W.E.R. program is certain to develop strong leaders in all ranks of your organization.

Meet the GLUE Crew Team

We are dedicated to empowering all! Our team of highly trained instructors impact participants through entertaining lecture, comedic delivery style and intense role play. The combination of these teaching styles come together to give your team members the most profound instructional experience of their lives and ensures the lessons are retained.

Larry Conley

Larry C. Conley –Founder and president of Leadership Development Concepts, LLC. He has been empowering firefighters in his 20-plus years as a recruit fire instructor and veteran of the fire service. He is a captain/EMT in St. Louis, Missouri, and the lead instructor in the firefighter 1 and 2 programs at the Highlander Fire Academy, St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. He is a fire instructor II, a Missouri State lead evaluator, and a member of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. He is a volunteer camp director of the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp.

David Conley

David M. Conley has been committed to the professional improvement  of government and corporate employees nationwide. He has facilitated or develpoed programs for several major corporations. David is a co-author of the GLUE leadership program. 

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“Captain Conley is extraordinarily dedicated to the educational goals and professional development of public safety professionals” — Greggory J. Favre, The Mission Continues

“I never second guessed Captain Conley on anything he would teach…then the subtle humor would come out and make the experience one I’ll never forget” –Firefighter Scott Frederick

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Our Vision is to develop tools and programs through all forms of communication to awaken and feed the personal leadership we all possess.


Our Mission is to deliver the message of personal leadership to improve self, families, communities, industries and the world.


We are dedicated  to improving lives through personal development.  Our programs are custom designed to fit your organization’s particular needs. 

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