FDIC Keynote: Powerless

Captain Larry Conley was a Keynote Speaker at the world renowned FDIC, the largest Firefighter’s conference in the world. On Thursday August 5th, 2021, Larry delivered the GLUE Personal Leadership message to their biggest audience yet. Before stepping on stage, he thought of his late grandmother sternly and lovingly saying “SPEAK LOUDLY and DISTINCTLY!”. It’s safe to say he did just that and made many proud and gave many to think about in a serious and emotional message. The keynote ended with David and their mother joining on stage.

Powerless: First responders are expected to be at their best while facing the worst situations. Sometimes the stress can compound the everyday pressures of life outside the engine house. 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges. From pandemic to pandemonium, many of us felt POWERLESS. Larry and David discussed how a simple set of principles can EMPOWER us to positively impact our lives, our profession, and our community.

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